Anvil Long Sleeve T-Shirt #949
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Anvil Lightweight Long Sleeve T-Shirt #949 With Printing Service. Available in
White, Black, Heather Grey, Heather Purple and Navy. Fashion appearance
designed to fit and wear with ease. Anvil is the perfect t-shirt for wear to work or any event. Anvil Tees, Long Sleeves and Hoodies.

Anvil cotton prints beautifully and we provide professional graphics and print service using the best quality inks and an expert production facility in Sydney.

For all the details please FreeCall 1800 654 990 or Contact Us Here

Anvil Corporate Wear Long Sleeve T-Shirt #880 With Printing and Embroidery Service. Weight 150gsm. Modern appearance designed to fit and wear with ease, Anvil is reflective of your modern lifestyle. Anvil Tees, Long Sleeves and Hoodies: Enquiries FreeCall 1800 654 990


Anvil Lightweight Long Sleeve Tee #949

Fabrics and Colours

White, Black, Heather Grey, Heather Purple, Navy.

Basic Minimum

50 shirts when printing service is required.
Printing service is quoted based on your requirements.


Compare our prices below with the Recommended Retail Price-$29.95
Discounts apply on MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of 50 pcs
50 pcs-$8.94 each + 10% GST
100 pcs-$7.94 each + 10% GST
Anvil T-Shirt prices vary on bulk quantities and colours.
Please FreeCall 1800 654 990 to discuss your requirements.
Prices quoted here are exclusive of GST



Adult Lightweight #949 Sizes: Small. Medium. LGE. XL. 2XL

Lead  Time

Normally 10-14 days with print service or advise your deadline and we will try to assist you.

 Low Price Printing Guide

Customers will be provided with a confirmation Quote based on your actual requirements.


T-Shirt printing prices using excellent quality ink, screens and professional graphic services.
The Standard Minimum for T-Shirt printing services is 50 pcs.
Prices quoted here are exclusive of GST.